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Our consulting approach

 Our standard approach towards assisting a client with the implementation of a QMS system is as follows:
Phase 1: Gap Analysis: Conduct an initial gap analysis to establish the current shortfalls of each section across all divisions. Scoping the boundaries of the Quality Management System, which include a more in-depth analysis of each business unit and recommending the QMS requirement for each business unit.
Phase 2: Implementation: Assisting the client with the necessary resources to define, write and implement the necessary documented procedures, controls and forms to comply with the requirements of Quality Management System requirements.
 • Phase 3: Internal Audits & Support toward Certification: Provide services for conducting internal audits & developing internal audit program including all identified processes. This will include comprehensive internal audits conducted by a competent SAQI resource, which includes support with the conducting of Management Review meetings as well as support towards Certification.

Training & Services

ISO 9001 QMS Services & Training:

At SAQI, we believe that an effective ISO 9001 QMS, should not only improve your company's processes, but should also be evident in the improvement of your bottom line. The ISO 9001 standard is based on a strong Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) improvement methodology, and we believe that it should be seamlessly integrate with you other continuous improvement programs. SAQI offers assistance with the implementation, internal auditing and ISO 9001 training of SAQI members and non members. We will also advise and assist in the total integration of your ISO 9001 QMS & other continuous improvement programs within your organization. All our practitioners are experienced industry specialists and not theoretical consultants. We believe in developing your ISO 9001 QMS around your needs and not an "off-the-shelf" solution. 

Lean & Six Sigma Improvement Methodologies:

Lean & Six Sigma, are both very powerful continuous improvement methodologies, developed by Toyota and Motorola. SAQI unfortunately do not provide a integrated "LeanSigma" curriculum, as we believe that the two methodologies have different approaches, and is dependent on your company's current culture and process maturity level. Our Lean and Six Sigma facilitators are experienced, and have effectively implemented these methodologies on their own respective organization. They will be able to guide you through the pitfalls, and will assist  you not only in the implementation and training of your CI programs, but also in the integration of your CI program into your ISO 9001 QMS.

SAQI offers training and consulting services for:

Lean of Manufacturing

Lean for service industries

Rapid Kaizen workshop training

A3 Problem solving training workshops

Six sigma Green belt

Six sigma Black belt

Lean & Six Sigma overview training

Rapid Kaizen Improvement Workshops:

Kiazen (改善), is Japanese for "Continuous improvement", or "change for the better". It refers to the philosophy or practice that focuses on continuous improvement of processes. The literal meaning can best be described by the following definitions: Kai = Change & Zen = For the better.

The Toyota manufacturing system is based on this philosophy of Continuous Improvements (Kaizen's), and is used daily to improve a process when inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement are identified.

Why join our Rapid Kaizen Workshop?

* SAQI can provide you with a "Practical In-house" workshop, where one of our team members will facilitate and coach your team through a practical improvement kaizen event in your own organization. 

* The combination of our practical LEAN approach and our skilled LEAN practitioners, will result in an effective and efficient skill transfer process to you, out client. Enabling you to drive your own improvement initiatives. 

* We also offer a two-day workshop at our SAQI offices, which includes a practical simulation exercise, to create an operational process environment. 

Supplier & SMME Development:

Most Corporate Businesses are under tremendous pressure to develop their SMME suppliers in order to improve their own BEE score card. Organizations do not always have the necessary time and resources to effectively execute their Procurement strategy and are left with below standard service and product quality from these SMME suppliers.

SAQI can help you with the design and development of your SMME supplier development strategy, and can assist you in implementing the basic "Advanced Product Quality Planning" APQP tools with your New and SMME supplier, to ensure process and product improvements.

These APQP core tools include:

* Process design & development

* FMEA & Control plans

* Process & Quality Standards and documentation

* Process capability and Statistical controls

* Measurement system analysis & calibration

* Problem solving & visual management

* Process & Quality controls

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