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Know your ISO Standard Part 8
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System
ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System
What is ISO 22000?

Are you a food producer? Do you process food in your facility? Then the ISO 22 000 Food Safety Management System standard is for you!

The ISO 22 000 Food safety Management System standard applies to any size of organization, and provides your customer with the confidence that your products are safe and that you manage the well-being of your consumers/customer.  This is the main “Purpose” of the standard.

The consequence of unsafe food is a serious issue, and in South Africa we have seen quite a few cases of “Unsafe” foods. We immediately think of the “2017-2018 Listeriosis outbreak” in South Africa from contaminated processes meats, and many other food products recalls over the years.

The point is unsafe food can be serious. This is where the ISO 22 000 Food Safety Management Standard helps organizations.

How does ISO 22000 help?

Well firstly, the standard helps to identify and control food safety hazards in the operational processes and the extended value chain. This is normally done through conducting a HACCP analysis (Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Points).

Secondly is ensures that the Leadership of the organization is committed (through a Food safety Policy) to implement, maintain and regularly review and improve the organizations Food Safety Management System.

The ISO 22000 standard are very well aligned with the ISO 9001 standard, and works well together to ensure the continuous review of the effectiveness of the ISO 22 000 standard. Just like the ISO 9001 standard, the ISO 22 000 standard places a lot of focus on the Leadership component, as it is ultimately the responsibility of the Leadership (and not just of the operational staff), to ensure the effective maintenance of the ISO 22000 certified system.

Who should implement ISO 2200?

The ISO 22000 requirement standard applies to all organizations directly & indirectly involved in food activities which include, but not limited to:

* Feed producers and farmers

* Animal food producers

* Producers of ingredients

* Food manufacturers

* Retailers and organizations which provide food services (such a catering services)

* Cleaning and sanitation services

* Transportation, storage & distribution services

* Packaging material and material that is in contact with food &

* Cleaning and disinfectants producers and suppliers.

What then is HACCP & PRP'S Standards?

The SANS 10330 & SANS 10049 standards, are supplementary standard incorporated in the ISO 22000 standard. These standards were incorporated into the ISO 22000 standard due to the confusion created at an international level. 

So stay tuned to our next blog, where we will clear up this confusion.