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Know your ISO Standard Part 9
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System VS HACCP & PRP"S Standards
ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System VS HACCP & PRP'S Standards
What is HACCP?

HACCP is a framework to ensure that the food product produced by the manufacturer, is safe to eat by the end consumer.

It follows a “Risk Methodology” or better known as a “Risk Analysis”, my mapping, identifying critical control points to be implemented and controlled, to ultimately ensure that the risks in producing unsafe food are eliminated or minimized. These risks can include chemical, physical and biological risks to people.

As a standard, the HACCP principles are defined in the “SANS 10330 Food Safety Management- Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point Principles”

What is PRP's?

The SANS 10049 Food Safety Management- Requirement for prerequisites programme (PRP’s), contains the basic conditions and activities to comply to to ensure that an organization maintains a hygienic environment throughout the food chain suitable for the production, handling and provision of safe end products.

Confused on all the standards?

This can be confusing to the beginner, so let’s take a step back!

By the early 2000’s, a number of standards have been developed by different private and national organizations around the world. This also made it confusing when it came to audits on suppliers. In the early 2000’s the ISO organisation started working on an auditable standard that can be applied in the food industry. This is when the ISO 22000 standard for Food Safety Management System was finally published in 2005. It is a framework that combines prerequisite programs, the HACCP principles in one. They also ensured that they align the ISO 22000 standard closely with the Elements found in the ISO 9001 standard. 

So where to start?

With most of the larger corporate organisations, the strategy is clear and this normally means certification towards the ISO 22000 standard. However, for the smaller (SMME) organisation, the industry (Clients) at large understands the burden that a ISO 22000 standard might place on the start-ups (SMME) organisation. A general rule of thumb is that should the SMME comply to the HACCP & PRP’s standards, that potential clients are willing to interact this the small SMME’s.

Should you need more clarify or assistance in guiding you through this big decision, feel free to contact the SAQI team to assist you in your journey to a Food Safety Management System.

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