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Know your ISO Standard Part 2
ISO:9001 2015 For Small Enterprises, where to start?

ISO 9001: 2015 for small enterprises:
Where to start? 

Following on from our 1st blog, where we introduced you to the ISO 9001;2015 standard to you, we commented on the application of the standard for specifically the Small & Medium size organizations. "Note of Caution". The ISO 9001 standard could at first glance, look to complex for a small SME organization, but not not worry, there is a "Guideline handbook for Small & Medium Enterprise Organizations available".

Why a guideline for small enterprises? 

Since the First published in 1987, ISO 9001 has been around for many years, and implemented in many industries. Since the mid 90's the motor industry specifically have promoted the ISO 9001 standard amongst their 1st tier suppliers and later on to the 2nd tier suppliers. It was this drive for Quality that ensured the high quality found today in the motor industry specifically.

However, many Quality Professional (from these industries specifically) have become consultants of the ISO 9001 standard. The dilemma however is, that many of the good practices seen at the OEM's are not practically implementable in your smaller or medium size organizations where there is a limited number of resources to maintain the ISO 9001 system.

This is where the GUIDELINE FOR SMALL ENTERPRISES comes in handy. This guideline can be used to help make sense of the standard but for a small organization. It is not necessary (and should never be done) to copy these systems for larger OEM's and try to impose these systems onto a small organization.

Where to start? 

A good start is the visit the ISO.ORG website and downloads the free hand-out for Small business. This can be found on their website www.iso.org

Contact the SAQI team for assistance? 

Many organizations (specifically the small & medium enterprise) struggle to get their ISO 9001 QMS system off the ground. At SAQI, we see ourselves as your "Knowledge Partner" and not a consultant. So don't hesitate to contact the SAQI team to guide you through the process.